Work from Home vs Work and Home

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Work from Home vs Work and Home


The unceasing Covid 19 pandemic has enforced many small and large organizations to work from home. High profile companies such as Google and Microsoft are encouraging or mandating that staff adopt a work from home policy. Philosophically, the world may never be the same again as this mass remote working mandate could prove to be a social/work experiment that few companies would have ever undertaken on such a scale. Will we ever return to our office in the same way?

WFH has lots of benefits, first one I can vouch on everyone would agree with me saving Travelling Time- In midst of the metro city’s chaos , crowd and traffic , pandemic has also mitigated us towards battling traffic jams in day to day life. And we can’t be thankful enough .

Flexible working hours- Studies have proven Employees are more likely to be happier when they have control over their work hours. And happy Employees drive better business growth  and profitability . You can take breaks at any moment and feel no rush to hang up on your family member’s when they need you.

Cost Effective – Working from Home during the current lockdown have reduced expenses which will help you figure out what it costs you to hold down your current job.

More time with loved ones- Take care of a sick family member at home, Be ready for your kids earlier in the day , get some extra snuggles with your doggo , above and beyond get some Me time for your own self.

Now where there are Advantages, Disadvantages is also a part and parcel of it.

Cons of working from home for women- There are many potential distractions like, quickly do the laundry, go grocery shopping, hence it takes a lot of discipline to focus on your job and actually get things done. BUT BUT.. you don’t have to worry much, there are apps like TIME DOCTOR that help you stay focused by reminding you to keep on working as soon as you’re done with work or get mingled on social media, It is indeed Super Helpful.

You may forget to clock out- While people might think working from home means doing less, the opposite might be true for diligent employees. “When you don’t have that separation going to and from the office, your workday kind of blurs together into Home Life”,Especially as a Women you always have pressure about doing multiple things and the list just doesn’t stop. Feeling like you’re always at work could even lead to burnout. So let’s think smart and professional . Your get away to this is – Even if you don’t have a dedicated office space, try to set up some space and make it off limits to the rest of your household while you’re working. In this way you can avoid the distraction, carve your space to work and take timely intervals. This will help you manage your routine and make you feel like you’re at your workplace.

Pandemic could scar a generation of Working Mothers- WFH has highlighted and compounded the heavier domestic burden borne by Women. As the pandemic upends work and home life, women have carried an outsized share of the burden. For many working mothers, the gradual reopening won’t solve their problems, but compound them, forcing them to do part time jobs while increasing their responsibilities at home. The impact could last a Lifetime, reducing their earning potential and work opportunities. But again as I say never lose hope ???? There are companies like SalesForce, PepsiCo, Uber and Pinterest recently signed a pledge to offer more flexibility and resources for working Women. Isn’t that great?..

Certainly Covid-19 crisis is helping to shine a light on both the pleasures and pressures of having home as your office.