About WIW

WIW, is a video magazine created with the aim of putting forward inputs and expertise from women leaders in the corporate world. Today many young women in the industry need support from the leaders in their fields and are looking forward to being mentored by the industry masters. WIW currently has its spread in India and Singapore, meanwhile spreading across different countries.

WIW is an interactive platform, we aim at sharing expertise and insights from great women leaders to the industry. Not only bringing to light the achievements by these success women leaders but also building a global platform of achievers who get to share their thoughts on existing market trends.

The main objective of creating this platform is to ensure a direct connectivity between the existing leaders and the upcoming generation of leaders. Giving them a chance to interact, learn, train and then work directly under these successful leaders. We know and realize the importance of Mentorship programs for Career aspirants and want to bridge this gap by providing them learnings from the best.

WIW-Leadership Program

WIW is building opportunities for young women leaders, as a part of WIW Leadership Program, providing them opportunities to interact and share experiences with top women networks. Here we give them hands-on experience around launching brands across different countries and mastering the trade of networking, communication and marketing experiences. The key learnings will be:

Brand Launch
Business Strategies
Network Building
Digital Marketing
Industry Interactions
Content Marketing

Need To Know

90 Days Program.
5-10 students per Institute Leaders of the Future.
Strict Evaluation and Interview Process.
Project allocation as per evaluation.
Working directly with an Industry Mentor.

What You Get

Certification and
Recognition for
project completion.

letter from an

Testimonial to the

Chance to network
with International

Application Criteria

  • Institutes /Colleges /Universities can apply.
  • Selection process is completely dependable on the interview.
  • A 300 Words Essay on: ‘Why do you think you are the best candidate for the program?